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Mission Statement:
Leading innovation, assurance and practices in fire safety and emergency resilience across Canada.


Future Vision:
CCFMFC is a recognized and trusted source of national leadership and knowledge for fire safety issues and in support of emergency resilience across Canada.  Enabled by our professional network, our Council will apply a cohesive and consistent national approach to fire service issues and concerns.


Primary lines-of-business of the CCFMFC
(as applicable, in accordance with Provincial/Territorial mandate)


Community of Practice (professional network of FM/FC)
Fire prevention (education, engineering and enforcement)
Firefighter safety and training
National fire and emergency reporting frameworks
Guidance to Fire Services providers
Support for fire and emergency related research and development











Guiding Principles to Shape the Future of CCFMFC
The CCFMFC will:


Achieve improved access to, and more efficient and effective application of, the resources necessary to advance important goals and strategies
Establish a solid and reliable knowledge base regarding fire prevention and emergency readiness, sought out by decision makers, policy makers, and the general public
Operate as an interactive “community of practice” that attracts, engages, informs and serves the broader fire and emergency community across Canada
Within a financially sustainable model, support learning, research, and innovation among its members and the broader communities they represent
Operate with greater consistency, with improved teamwork and evident standardization and best practices across the country
Practice strong, deliberate and consistent communications to both internal and external audiences
Engage stakeholders and partners to advance issues of mutual interest
Achieve enhanced influence in building and fire code development, application and alignment
Support standardized public education for fire safety issues
Encourage Tri-Service approach to common issues
Leverage strengths of each CCFMFC P/T to support work of the Council

















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